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    Welcome to!

    Photography is my passion. Light gives us life and can fill our lives with beauty. These photos share the beauty I seek daily.

    I hope you'll find favorites that you will want to enjoy in your home or office every day. They can be purchased directly from this site as photos, canvas prints, metallic prints and more. I welcome your comments.

    My future work will be centered on portraits – this is the next area of great interest for my photography. If you would be interested in having your portrait taken or if you'd like me to capture photos of those you love or special moments in your life, you can contact me at Thanks for visiting!

    “COPYRIGHT NOTICE All photographs within are copyright protected by James J. Burke and are presented for web browser viewing only. No images are within the public domain. Nothing contained within this site may be reproduced, downloaded, stored, copied, manipulated or altered for broadcast or publication. Nothing may be redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium without prior written permission from James J. Burke.

    Welcome to! The photos featured on this site reflect my passion over the last five years. Recent additions can be easily located with the links below. Feel free to leave your comments and share your favorites on Facebook. Thank you for visiting. 

    This month's featured gallery is Sunrises and Sunsets (one of my personal favorites).  Click here to view!

    New photos of the Sierra Nevada Color Change. October   Click here to view!

    New photos of the Mission San Juan Capistrano. September  Click here to view!

    New Surfing the Wedge photos. September  Click here to view!

    I find music enhances my experience and enjoyment of photos. I invite you to play some favorite music, select "slide show" on any gallery, and enjoy!

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